EDUS is a non-government, not-for-profit organization located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina that offers help to children affected with various developmental delays, especially those with autism. EDUS uses advanced scientific methodology and most current methods of behavioral therapy to help children overcome their developmental challenges.

Since its foundation in 2010, EDUS has been a leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of advancement of education and support for children with disabilities. Despite the lack of government support, EDUS has, so far, helped several hundred of children, educated their parents and trained the professionals that work with the children. It has also developed a system of early detection and intervention for developmental disorders, the first of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a non-profit organization located in Cambridge, MA. We would like to invite all people of goodwill around the US and internationally to help raise funds for EDUS so they can continue their good work in an area where it is desperately needed.

Every child with or without a disability deserves to live a life in which they can socialize, engage, thrive, learn, love and work. EDUS is one of the rare agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is working to help children achieve that.

Your donation will be used to enable children to get specialized therapy that they desperately need and is tremendously appreciated!