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Dear Bosnia and Herzegovina, Happy Independence Day

To commemorate this 29th anniversary we decided to make the living rooms of our members and friends come alive with recitations and music—via a virtual live event which took place Sunday, February 28, 2021. The live recording is now available for viewing below!

New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina in collaboration with the Culture Association Kontrast from Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina have organized a virtual cultural event for the anniversary of Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day. Today, March 1, 2021, we honor BiH. The ‘City Orchestra Stolac’ and young writers from Bosnia and Herzegovina performed.

The young artists performances elicit imagery of cities, landscapes, rivers, everyday life and the exploration of freedom. The performers convey their impressions of the world around them and the world within them through music and word. The performances are moving both literally and figuratively.

We are raising funds for the work of these young Bosnian-Herzegovinian artists. Our fundraiser will run until Saturday, March 7, 2021. We have a fundraising goal of $3,000. More than half of this goal has already been met because of generous supporters like yourself! We thank you!

Who We Are

New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a non-profit, membership based organization dedicated to connecting and serving the Bosnian community in the New England area and in Bosnia and Herzegovina while promoting the beautiful culture, heritage and traditions of B&H.

We achieve our goals through organization and promotion of a variety of cultural and educational events related to the Bosnian history, art, language, literature, music, and other forms of cultural expression.

All people of good will are welcome!

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Nefbih - New England friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina

NEFBiH 5th Annual ``A Taste of BiH`` Festival

Please enjoy this video filmed and edited by one of our festival attendees – Abdulrahman Khalid – with some highlights from our 5th Annual “A Taste of BiH” Festival and commentary by festival coordinator.

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