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Wheels for Friends, Ilijas Fundraiser

It is with great honor that NEFBIH shares with you our annual charitable initiative & biggest fundraising goal yet: the Wheels for Friends, Ilijas Fundraiser: empowering impactful programs, one wheel at a time.

With this fundraiser lasting until the end of the year, NEFBIH is committing to a $30,000 transportation donation to a nonprofit Bosnian organization assisting individuals with acute to severe developmental disabilities.

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White Armband Day: ``Calling of the Ghost`` Movie & Genocide Survivor Panel

Please join New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina in commemorating the 2023 White Armband Day through our “Calling the Ghosts” movie screening and genocide survivor panel.

Since the Holocaust, we have often repeated “never again”, but too often these words have failed to prevent genocidal violence, making “never again” an empty slogan.

Genocide has no color, race, or religion. It can happen anywhere, anytime. It is comforting to pretend that those voices that sow division, fear, and ethnic hatred are echoes from long ago and far away. They are not. They are always far closer than we like to imagine.

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Who We Are

New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a non-profit, membership based organization dedicated to connecting and serving the Bosnian community in the New England area and in Bosnia and Herzegovina while promoting the beautiful culture, heritage and traditions of B&H.

We achieve our goals through organization and promotion of a variety of cultural and educational events related to the Bosnian history, art, language, literature, music, and other forms of cultural expression.

All people of good will are welcome!

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NEFBiH 5th Annual ``A Taste of BiH`` Festival

Please enjoy this video filmed and edited by one of our festival attendees – Abdulrahman Khalid – with some highlights from our 5th Annual “A Taste of BiH” Festival and commentary by festival coordinator.

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